Reliving your cycle adventure.
Check out my link to a personal mountain bike ride. Today’s adventure was a privilege, as this was the first time with my new bike being setup to my personal tuned setting’s. 

When i woke up this morning to hear the bird’s singing as i opened my blind’s and window to a full blue sky with very light winds, i thought “Wow”  i’m  gonna hit them trails up on the north coast and enjoy blasting my new bike. 

My new bike is a custom built NS Snabb 27.5 wheels with 2.5 inch tires.

160mm front and rear suspension 

Oval single chainring on the front with 1×11 xt groupset with brakes.

KS dropper seatpost with a Ergon saddle.

The duration of the ride consists of road riding and off road.

With this app linked to my garmin and strava apps, i find this very satisfying to watch back after the effort and pleasure that i have put in during this ride.

When this bike first came to my attention i thought that i would struggle to come to terms with this beast! But now once i have ridden it setup and tuned for me, i am thinking about my next ride. “Let the challenge begin”. This beast will be ridden and raged as much as possible and i have instantly fallen in love with it. With this in mind i am already thinking about the alps next year’s adventure. 


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