Making Errors whilst remembering your own strength. “tight enough”

Always remember that during a routine repair on a bicycle, even when needing to change the cassette you must remember you own strength.

During this repair you must understand that using your own strength tightening up parts is never good unless you know your bounderies on when tight enough is “tight enough”.

Using finger tight on the end of the cassette lockring is always enough with an amount of grease on the threads, but when using the appropriate tools that are actually needed, like a lockring tightener with an adjustable spanner and even a Cassette clamp, you must remember to tighten but only tighten parts with DCA (due care and attention). When tightening parts, it is essential to not over-tighten as this will cause terrible damage to parts that will never be able to be replaced once used and worn. Also with this the expense of this costly error with not only damage parts but also be more cost effective as you will need to replace the rear wheel.



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