Foggy, Cold, Wet Ride.

Today was a day that could have been interesting, foggy weather with wet muddy ground and alittle cold in the air. 

I decided to ride one my Bosses bike’s.

NS Eccentric Steal Hardtail.

120mm suspension fork on the front of the bike and with 650b (27.5) tires. These Maxxis tires were great in these conditions. Maxxis Tires have always been the leader’s in the MTB market closely followed by Continental Tires. Today’s ride consisted of the front tyre being a Highroller 27.5×2.40 tubeless tyre and on the rear the Maxxis Ardent 2.25. 

All i can say is that this combination of tires in these conditions gave myself an awesome ride with so much grip. Planting the bike into the corners with this grip underneath me made this ride on tis *steal machine* feel so great. 21 miles in the bag and one big smile upon my face.

This is the first steal bike that i have ridden and i have to say that i loved it. I was over the moon with how this steal frame absorbed the trails in these conditions.

All in all i was so happy with my effort today and was so grateful with my Boss and his NS Eccentric steal bike.

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