What to understand when considering buying an Ebike.

Remember, when you’re using an electric bike, you’re carrying extra weight – often about 7kg or more compared to a regular bike. Electric bikes cost more than regular bikes, too. Bikes were tested on various terrains and any big variations from stated range noted – though the more effort you put in, the further they’ll go. If the battery does go flat, it’s not like an electric car: you can still pedal. Electric bikes are great but depending on your budget, intended use and environment the bike alone may not completely serve your needs. That’s where accessories come in! But before i dig in, I want to stress that if you live in a rainy environment and intend on commuting to work or ride frequently in the dark it might be worth paying more up front to get integrated fenders and lights. These will look nicer, rattle less, be more difficult to steal and won’t require stand alone batteries… which can run out unexpectedly or simply slow you down with the need for frequent recharging. I meet a lot of people out there during my work who settled for a “bargain” ebike but end up spending way more after purchase trying to get their setup perfect. This process can be fun and result in something very special but conversely, sometimes waiting a bit longer to choose a product that fully suits your needs can result in greater fulfillment and utility.

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