Only 3 to 4 Years ago i decide to buy myself an entry level road bike. This bike cost me only £799 RRP.

I have been using strava with my Garmin network and have found all the information very interesting and useful.

When i purchased my road bike i decided to take my commute training to another level. 

From struggling at first by only being able to ride consistantly for approx 20-30miles max before blowing out.

 I was managing to achieve within the next year 30-50 miles and feeling so much fitter.

During this i found that i was able to push my fitness to another level that i was never at before. I found myself being consistent with my cadence and was enjoying breaking so many PB’s (Personal Bests).

1 Year on from this i was able to ride 50+ miles without needing any breaks during these adventure’s on the bike.

During this year i hit a very high point of cycling on my road bike, my competitiveness in my Mountain bike competition season become much better with my results. 

my biggest ride on this high point in my life of cycling was this adventure.“> 

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